In de kast

Mike Vincent Productions is a design studio based near the Rotterdam harbour. The studio is part of Utopia, a cross-disciplinairy playground with artists working in the field of art and technique. Mikes work focusses on interactive design, material experiments and innovative production processes.

Together with Rose Groot i developed Wired, a project were electrical wires and fabric are melted together to provide new functions. In 2015 I worked together with the Creative Cooperative to develop an interactive museum experience for disabled elderly. This project was initiated by Ons lieve Heer op Solder, a museum about an old small church based in the center of Amsterdam. Co-creation, and rapid prototyping are inherent to this design process.

Furthermore, if you are interested in material innovations or interactive design, feel free to contact me, I am open to collaborations!

Internship at creative cooperative (2015)

Granted for the finals Pastoe design contest 2016.

Alumini bachelor WILLEM DE KOONING ACADEMY, in Rotterdam (2012-2016) .

MIKE VINCENT productions (start in 2016)

Exhibition 24 uurs schoen at the Design Destrict 2018.